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Translating the scientific and medical sector: the importance of the right partner

Translating scientific texts into another language is a task with great responsibility. If you don’t know specific technical language, you risk conveying one message rather than another, with serious consequences for the credibility of the service offered. There can also be consequences for readers, for instance, the mistranslation of a pharmaceutical product’s leaflet.

For ten years, translation and interpreting agency Global Voices has supported the biggest medical institutions and pharmaceutical firms by producing scientific translations – making their products accessible abroad. Global Voices offers its clients unique expertise in the biotechnological, medical, pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors.

The agency has helped the international success of the main pharmaceutical companies and industry leaders in the world of biomedicine and biotechnology. Thanks to a team of native translators specialised in the company’s areas of expertise, with full mastery of medical and scientific language, Global Voices offers professional scientific translations of medical documents from and into Arabic, Russian, Swedish, German and 140 other languages.

The translators are professionals with experience in the medical sector spanning decades. Global Voices is ISO 9001 and EN15038 accredited, and a member of the ITI and the ATC, which guarantees the quality of its work. “We know that there can be no room for error in sectors as technical as yours,” the agency says, “so we ensure that our native translators are highly specialised.”

By using translation memories, a feature of the Trados Studio software, Global Voices successfully reduces the cost of medical and scientific translations and so helps its clients to save, too. Every professional translation is inserted into a memory, so that when the client sends a similar document in the same language, Global Voices’ software recognises it, making the work of the translator easier.

In addition to quality translation, the agency also offers a proofreading service, which involves checking translated texts. Among the types of translation provided by Global Voices is documentation for issuing EC certification, marketing material, product specifications, compliance statements, and data collection forms (CFR). And that’s not all: it also translates dermatological texts, clinical surveys, training material for medical staff, medical items, instructions manuals for medical devices, patents, leaflets, and chemical analyses.

To give a few specific examples, in the pharmaceutical field, Global Voices provides translations of drug storage instructions, protocols for clinical studies, safety data sheets (SDS), pharmaceutical legislation, clinical research, clinical trials (phases I-IV), non-clinical studies (toxicology and in vitro), and epidemiological studies.

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